Mic Drop

Mic Drop

By Author / Illustrator

Sharna Jackson


Mystery & Detective

Age range(s)



Knights Of Media




Paperback / softback




It's October half-term and pop star, TrojKat is filming a music video in the The Tri, the high-rise block home to slueths Nik and Norva. When tragedy strikes the famous singer under mysterious circumstances, Nik and Norva set out to solve the case, with their friend George, and their impressive detective skills. The sequel to HIGH-RISE MYSTERY, another whodunnit in the phenomenal mystery series by Sharna Jackson.



I was really excited to get back to the Tri and find out what the two top sleuths Norva and Nik from the High Rise Mystery were up to. I wasn't disappointed either. Ex-tri resident, and now singing sensation, TrojKat, is back at the Tri to film her latest video on Halloween. The girls and their friend George are star-struck, and George has managed to get work experience shadowing the sound technician on the shoot. However, from the beginning, the friends start to realise that all is not well in the glamourous world of pop stardom. There is petty infighting in the crew, and our star is not happy about something. As they scout around and start to look for clues as to what is going on, Kat gets sent a threatening message. Then, as was hinted in the prologue, our star dies. The police think it's an accident, but our sleuths are not so sure. Can they work to a tough deadline to prove whodunit, before the police let the perpetrator get away? They have all the tricks of the trade at their disposal, and a methodical recording system to make sure no clue is overlooked. What I loved about this book was the pace. The tension was ramped up by Nik's phone battery status which is reported throughout the book. Slowly losing charge, but vital for the denouement. Will they solve the crime and be able to get the police to take them seriously before the phone runs out of battery? I also love that this series is set in the real world. So often, crime series for children are set in the past or at boarding schools, so it's great that this book is set on a housing estate in London. It also has to be said that Norva has the best Halloween costume in the world! I can't wait for a sequel to see what this crime solving duo (and George) are up to next.

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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