Mini Rabbit Not Lost (Mini Rabbit)

Mini Rabbit Not Lost (Mini Rabbit)

By Author / Illustrator

John Bond



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HarperCollins Publishers




Paperback / softback




A deliciously funny debut from a major new talent!

MiniRabbit is making a cake.
Cake, cake, cake!
But he's run out of berries.
No berries, no cake.
No cake? No way!
So off he goes to look for some...
He's not cold, not too small.
And, no, no, definitely NOT LOST...
or is he?



Mini Rabbit loves berry-topped cake and, when he and Mother Rabbit find they have run out of berries and therefore cannot make the cake he loves, he sets off on a single-minded and determined quest to find berries. This takes him through some increasingly dangerous landscapes and situations, none of which put him off his mission or worry him, until... This is a beautifully illustrated story, with subtle humour that will appeal to both children and adults. There is much to enjoy and discuss in the detail of the pictures and children will have fun spotting all the berries Mini Rabbit misses on his journey. Whilst the text itself is quite limited, the different fonts add interest and Mini Rabbit's catchphrases are ripe for repetition. The story and its final twist will ring true with adults, who will no doubt recognise a small child's aptitude for sudden obsessions and equally sudden loss of interest. 32 pages/ Ages 3+/ Reviewed by Monika Davis, school librarian.

Suggested Reading Age 3+


Mini Rabbit and his one track mind...cake, cake, cake. Mini Rabbit is helping Mother Rabbit bake a berry cake, but there are no more berries in the jar. Mini Rabbit sets off on an adventure to find more berries for the cake. He reaches some far away places in his quest - dark woods, a lighthouse and a snow capped cliff edge and a scary cave - all before he realizes he is lost. Luckily Mini Rabbit has an excellent sense of smell... This is a wonderful debut featuring beautiful, striking illustrations and a happy ending. I would certainly use it to get children talking and thinking about journeys - perhaps even planning their own perilous journey and creating a map from it, or using Mini Rabbit's journey as a plan for a map. This is one to be shared again and again. I hope Mini Rabbit goes on more adventures that we can read and share together. 32 pages / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Erin Foote, teacher.

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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