My Hamster is a Spy

My Hamster is a Spy

By Author / Illustrator

Dave Lowe, The Boy Fitz Hammond



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Templar Publishing




Paperback / softback




A spate of burglaries has hit the neighbourhood, and the Jinks household hasn't been spared. With only a baby monitor, some drawing pins and a penguin-suit to hand, Stinky and Ben put together a plan to catch the criminals. But how will they cope when their scheme starts to unravel? New talent Dave Lowe's third adventure is brilliantly brought to life by illustrator Mark Chambers in this hilarious read.



These books written by David Lowe (My Hamster is an Astronaut, My Hamster is a Spy and My Hamster is a Genius) are perfect for stand alone reads or reading them as a set to your class. The plot follows a young boy and his new pet Hamster (which he acquired in a quite humorous way - but I don't want to give it away!) Benjamin Jinks realises over time that his Hamster Jasper Stinkybottom is actually quite special and completely different from any other pet he has had or any of his friends has! This humorous book will have your class laughing - guaranteed - as the crazy adventures the two main characters get up to really get the children thinking about what it would be like if their pets were geniuses or spies! It's a really good resource to get children writing creatively as there is a lot of creativity to get their teeth into! I found that the boys enjoyed this book more than the girls, especially those with 'annoying' little sisters!

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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