On the Night of the Shooting Star

On the Night of the Shooting Star

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Amy Hest, Jenni Desmond



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Walker Books Ltd







Bunny and Dog are neighbours. They live very private lives and never say hello to each other, not even hi. As the seasons come and go they become increasingly curious about each other's lives. On a sleepless night the neighbours venture outdoors to watch the stars. Both Bunny and Dog are secretly worried that their animal acquaintance next door is lonely and in need of company. When the sky brightens with the light of a passing star both Bunny and Dog see it. Their shared experience brings them together and they share coco and biscuits together under the stars. The neighbours agree to be friends and for the rest of their days and nights they become the very closest of friends. Amy Hest's simple narrative is beautifully paired with Jenni Desmond's delightful illustrations in this sweet children's picture book. The text has a wonderful sense of repetition that will engage younger readers and the simple detail contained in the pictures will keep keen eyes immersed in the story. Readers will be drawn to the charismatic smiles of Bunny and Dog as they go about their lives, sensitive to the feelings of the animal next door. This is a great story to read to encourage empathy for others and bravery when forming new friendships. It is particularly suited to children in the EYFS or lower KS1. Readers could explore character feelings or ask what they think the characters should do to make friends at various stages in the story. They could also reflect on the things they could say and do to be friends with others around them. Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Emily Beale, school librarian.

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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