One Last Breath

One Last Breath

By Author / Illustrator

Ginny Myers Sain


Suspense & Thrillers

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Electric Monkey




Paperback / softback




The New York Times bestselling author of Dark & Shallow Lies delivers another chilling supernatural thriller filled with murder, romance and mystery.

Mount Orange, Florida, is famous for two things: freshwater springs, ideal for free divers, and the gruesome cold case murder of best friends, Bailey and Celeste, twenty years ago.

Tru has always lived in the shadow of Bailey's and Celeste's murders; they cast a permanent darkness over sunny Mount Orange. But now those unsolved murders invade her every thought. It's only when she's deep underwater that she feels free.

Then a stranger called Rio rolls into town. And as the summer heat ignites, so does the spark between Tru and Rio...along with their other-worldy connection to Bailey and Celeste. But then someone begins stalking them. And if they keep digging into the past, Tru and Rio know that this time it could be their blood that makes the springs run red.

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Two teenage girls. A new town. And a pair of 20-year-old cold case murders. Tru, an 18 year old high school graduate, plans on spending her summer with her boyfriend, East. Yet the arrival of the new girl in town, Rio, who shares a diving passion with Tru, causes immediate spark between the two girls. Both are drawn to the depths of the freshwater springs that surround Mount Orange in Florida, where the possibility of missing evidence from the murders decades prior lures the girls in.

When the harmless search for missing evidence turns obsessive, the pair soon come to realise the dangerous truth; they could be the killer's next victims.  As the spark between the two friends grows, so does the darkening events that await them.

This mysterious and dangerous adventure creates a magnificent novel that throws clues and mysteries throughout; One Last Breath is impossible to put down. Ginny Myers Sain has created a spectacular combination of a queer awakening of lust and unfolding love with thrilling and dangerous events taking place. A book that immerses the reader into a world of horror, crime, mystery and love.

432 pages / Reviewed by Morgan Harkin

Suggested Reading Age 14+


One Last Breath is fantastic. I couldn't read it fast enough! What begins as a teenage romance soon becomes something more sinister in the heat of a sweltering Florida summer. It's 20 years since the community of Mount Orange suffered the murder of two teenage girls. The murderer was never caught, and an atmosphere of distrust and sadness continues to linger. 18-year-old Trulee loves her boyfriend, East, but is secretly wracked by doubt about their future together. She is also still grieving the loss of her older sister. When a mysterious girl appears, Trulee finds her life is turned upside down as together they begin to look back at the murders. Soon, they start to fear for their lives.

What sets this book apart from similar tales is the inclusion of something a little paranormal. Don't let this put you off - it works well. Equally, setting the story around the world of free diving is both original and clever as it creates an atmosphere of danger and tension not only for the plot but for the characters. I was literally counting Trulee back to the surface each time she dived!

Twists and turns abound throughout this fast -paced book. Although it's quite long, it's an easy read with enough suspense and hold-your-breath moments to keep attention right through to the end. There is a lot about the death of siblings which readers should be aware of, but I highly recommend it as a weekend/holiday escapism read.

432 pages / Reviewed by Rachel Bolton

Suggested Reading Age 14+


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