Peregrine Quinn and the Cosmic Realm

Peregrine Quinn and the Cosmic Realm

By Author / Illustrator

Ash Bond


Myths & Legends

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Discover the portal to an incredible new world in this epic middle grade adventure. Perfect for fans of Skandar, Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl.   'An electrifying read - full of fast-paced action, endless fun and fearless imagination.' - A.F. Steadman, author of the Skandar series.   

Peregrine Quinn has always loved hearing her godfather Daedalus Bloom's stories about his life as an immortal, but that's all they were - stories. That is, until the portals that connect the Terran Realm with the Cosmic Realm mysteriously shut down and Daedalus, the only one who can fix them, is kidnapped.

Peregrine is then swept into a nail-biting adventure, racing through the streets of Oxford, down the riverways of London and into the Under-Underground. She soon realises that not only are the creatures from her godfather's stories real, but they're shooting at her with laser blasters.

Fortunately she has help from dryad librarian Rowan Strong and Olympus Inc. liaison (and faun) Callimachus Thorn. Together they must fix the portals and rescue Daedalus before an ancient evil rises and chaos takes over. Time is running out and the fate of all the realms is now in Peregrine's hands . . .

'Mythology with a modern makeover - Peregrine Quinn's battle to save the cosmic realm is an epic adventure!' - Maz Evans, author of Who Let the Gods Out?

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Peregrine Quinn has always loved hearing her godfather, Daedalus's stories about being an immortal, but when they visit the Bodleian Library and the portals that connect the Terran Realm with the Cosmic Realm mysteriously shut down and he is kidnapped, she finds herself thrust into a desperate race to rescue him before an ancient evil is unleashed on the world.  With help from dryad librarian, Rowan Strong, and Olympus Inc. liaison Callimachus Thorn, a faun, the fate of the world is in Peregrine's hands.

What a story! Peregrine Quinn and the Cosmic Realm is packed with magic and myth, action and adventure, making it an unputdownable read from the very first page. Rich in references to Greek mythology, the plot romps along at a pleasing pace with many surprising twists and turns - and plenty of humour.

The story moves from Oxford to the rivers of London and into the Under-Underground, transportation for Immortals to sites of significant Cosmic interest, with all the dangers of the Under Realm, with each location being vividly brought to life.

Peregrine makes an amazing heroine as she faces challenges with determination, courage and ingenuity. Impulsive at times, her relationship with Rowan Strong, who likes to play by the rules and as a career Librarian finds a 'lack of adequate information…particularly stress-inducing', is wonderfully captured as the two come to appreciate and rely on one another.

Peregrine Quinn and the Cosmic Realm would make an excellent class read, offering plenty to discuss and enjoy - and more to look forward to in future books in the series.

320 pages / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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