Raj and the Best Day Ever

Raj and the Best Day Ever

By Author / Illustrator

Sebastien Braun, Sebastien Braun



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Templar Publishing




Paperback / softback



Raj and his dad are going on an adventure. They have written a list of all their ideas and Raj knows it will be the best day ever! Starting with choosing a new book at the library, they'll drive a tractor at the city farm, watch the boats go up the river, visit the art gallery, go to the cafe and come home on the bus. Raj helps Dad to pack everything into his green monster backpack and they set off. But disaster strikes when they get to the issue desk at the library - Dad has forgotten his wallet! Not having any money means that they can't do the things on the list. But what threatens to be the worst day ever is transformed by the power of imagination and Dad's ingenuity. This is a delightful picture book which celebrates the relationship between father and child in a warm and affectionate story. The bright, expressive pictures are full of detail, with several busy scenes which should give lots to talk about, and humour, including the reactions of the monster backpack to some situations. Perfect for Father's Day, but also one to share at any time with children of 3+. Picture book / Ages 3-6 years / Reviewed by Jayne Gould, librarian.

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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