Shipwreck Island

Shipwreck Island

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Struan Murray, Manuel Sumberac



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Penguin Random House Children's UK




Paperback / softback




The breathtaking adventure continues in the sequel to the much-loved Orphans of the Tide.

Orphans Ellie and Seth have crossed an endless ocean in search of freedom and peace.  Arriving on the shores of a colourful tropical island ruled by a mysterious queen, it seems they might just have found the perfect new home.  But there is trouble brewing in paradise and soon Ellie and Seth find themselves caught up in a dangerous struggle for power - and forced to confront terrible truths from their past . . .
Praise for Orphans of the Tide:  'Unputdownable' - Times. 'Enthralling' - Daily Express. 'Sumptuously atmospheric . . . tirelessly inventive' - Daily Telegraph

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Orphans of the Tide Shipwreck Island Fans is the second instalment in the Orphans of the Tide series and does not disappoint.

Ellie, the inventor's daughter, and Seth, god of the sea, have fled the enemy's city and are in search of a new island to call home. Ellie's secret has been revealed, pinpointing her as the inquisition's target to kill. The enemy lives inside Ellie, feeding on her desperation, loneliness and darkest fears. Ellie has lived with the secret for the past three years: now that it is out in the open, she must run.

The enemy manifests as her dead brother, Finn, and feeds on her guilt of not being able to protect him in his time of need. Seth, emerged from the belly of a whale, has been trying to piece together the fragments of his past. They both hope for a peaceful future and are looking for an island to call home, where they can find acceptance and solace.

Arriving on the shores of an abundant island ruled by a mysterious queen, seems to be the answer to their prayers. Soon enough, Ellie and Seth find themselves in the eye of the storm as they uncover the truth lurking in the depths. A power struggle evolves, forcing them to face their terrible pasts. Can they outrun their demons?

416 Pages / Reviewed by Kelly Buxton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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