Song of the River

Song of the River

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Gill Lewis, Zanna Goldhawk



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Barrington Stoke Ltd




Paperback / softback




Times are tough for Cari and her mum. A violent storm has flooded the valley where they live, destroying their home and cafe business.

Things seem bleak - but hope appears in the form of a plan to reintroduce beavers into the area, as the changes that these amazing animals make to the waterways might prevent another flood.

Cari knows that she has to get involved. But with the project facing resistance from locals, can she convince them to give the beavers a chance - and will it be enough to save her home from being destroyed for a second time?



In Song of the River, we learn that Cari's father is dead. Her mum has moved them to another place, a place that Cari never wanted to go, and all she has left to remind her of him is his warm red jumper and his camera. And now her mum's dreams of starting afresh have been ruined too.

When the river floods and ruins their new home, sweeping their car with it and destroying her mum's new business venture, things look like they could be well and truly over. But as the community support them through their troubles and Cari begins to learn about a local project to reintroduce the beaver, then a glimmer of hope begins to surface. If only Cari can convince the local farmers to support it, too, there may just be a way to stop the river from flooding, save her new home and her mum's dreams. But what can one child do against the adults that don't see its value?

Gill Lewis weaves a tale rich in emotion and intricately focused on nature. Her ultimate message - that we can all make a difference - is strong, as is the need to look at what our environments need to recover and rejuvenate themselves.

Curriculum links to death, bereavement, family, natural disasters, hope, belief, environment, wildlife, communication, education and community.

128 Pages / Reviewed by Donna Burkert, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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