Spring ABC

Spring ABC

By Author / Illustrator

Jannie Ho, Kristin Atherton


Early Skills


Nosy Crow Ltd




Board book




Have some springtime fun with this colourful, stylish and sturdy ABC board book for babies and toddlers.  A is for apple blossom, B is for bird, C is for caterpillar and X is for ... eXtra eggs, of course!

This sturdy board book introduces simple spring words to get children excited about the start of the new season, with lots of cute baby animals and happy faces.  As well as first letter sounds to say out loud and letters to begin to recognise, there are bright, friendly pictures with little extra details to find and spot. These offer gentle talking prompts to encourage speaking, providing lots of shared first word fun!

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Spring ABC is a nice book to begin to introduce little ones to the alphabet! This book has a page per letter of the alphabet with a picture of something beginning with each letter. The letters and words are in high contrast colours so they stand out from the background colours well. All of the pictures are spring based pictures which will provide a nice discussion point as babies turn into toddlers and begin to communicate about the world around them more. The only improvement we could suggest is some different textures to feel on the pictures or some flaps to open to make it more interactive for little fingers.

28 pages / Reviewed by Lucy Hopkins

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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