Taylor Blake Is a Legend: The teen debut from the bestselling rom-com author

Taylor Blake Is a Legend: The teen debut from the bestselling rom-com author

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Laura Jane Williams


Romance & Relationships

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Bloomsbury YA




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Welcome to the life of Taylor Blake: complicated crushes, awkward encounters and hoping for a first kiss! A hilarious and heartfelt new teen series that fans of Geek Girl and Jacqueline Wilson will love.'A fresh, touching story for girls, with a great message' - Jacqueline Wilson.

Taylor is determined to be in control of her own life story - and it's going to be a romance! So far her entire social life consists of her two best friends Star and Lucy, who are also a couple and always together, plus her sometimes embarrassing but always hilarious Grandma and Grandad. But Taylor writes for the school newspaper, she creates fan-fiction and she's even been asked to enter a competition by her English teacher - surely she can script the perfect love story for herself?

Her school is about to play host to some French exchange students. They'll be experts on this topic, Taylor reckons. After all, it must be called French kissing for a reason! The perfect first kiss is surely on the horizon. And Taylor can make it happen - can't she?  This is Taylor's moment to LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!

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14-year-old Taylor Blake has never been kissed, and is obsessed with trying to resolve this dilemma. Now that she is in Year 9, she is part of a French exchange programme, and is going to host one of the French students. When she is accidentally paired up with a boy instead of a girl, it seems that all her dreams have come true! With the help of her best friends, Star and Lucy, she is determined to be kissed - but is the handsome Axel really the answer to her problem, or will she find love elsewhere?

Taylor Blake is a Legend is an entertaining, easy read, which will be very popular with teenage girl readers. With its themes of friendship, family and growing up, the story is fast-paced and humorous. Taylor is a bright and popular student, whose ambition is to be a journalist, and one of her articles, on whether girls should be pushed into STEM subjects, is a clever addition to the narrative.

Whilst I cannot see this book being used as a class reader, Taylor's strong ideas about feminism will give the individual reader pause for thought. Taylor has a very supportive family on her mother's side, she was born from a sperm donation so we are not introduced to her paternal family and I feel that this aspect of Taylor's life could have been expanded upon. However, I note that a sequel is in the pipeline, so we may learn more about her father in subsequent books.

Taylor's friends Star and Lucy are in a same-sex relationship; again, this is dealt with in a very matter of fact manner and not expanded upon. However, they are good friends to Taylor and are not afraid to tell her when her first kiss obsession becomes too much.

This is a well-written novel, with and will make a welcome addition to any school library.  I can see readers enjoying and sympathising with Taylor's trials and tribulations, and I look forward to reading the next chapter of her adventures.

352 pages / Reviewed by Beverley Somerset, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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