The Bear who Sailed the Ocean on an Iceberg

The Bear who Sailed the Ocean on an Iceberg

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Emily Critchley


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From a Carnegie nominated author, a brilliantly funny and touching story about a boy who finds a polar bear in his parents' freezer. How did Monty get there? And who is Monty? Official name, Wilbur Ambrose Cedric Reginald Montague, the Third; Monty to his friends. A huge polar bear who talks like he might have swallowed a dictionary as well as a library - he has read more books than Patrick knew existed -and whose stomach is always rumbling. ALWAYS. But how is Patrick going to feed him on his pocket money that does not stretch much further than a few tins of sardines?



The Bear Who Sailed the Ocean on an Iceberg is a poignant and upbeat story, warm enough to melt even the iciest of hearts! It deals with some difficult themes, such as bullying and bereavement, with sensitivity and compassion and it was an enjoyable read from beginning to end.

When twelve year old, Patrick Jolly takes a trip to his garage, the last thing he expects to find is a well read, well-spoken and emotionally intelligent polar bear. Wilbur Ambrose Cedric Reginald Montague the Third becomes the perfect confidant for the young boy, who is dealing with a scary and aggressive bully, the loss of his baby sister, a grieving mother and an absent father.

Emily Critchley's story is one of hope, of finding allies in the most unexpected of places and of moving from the darkness to the light. It was unpredictable, entertaining and easy to read. It would be perfect for Year 5 pupils and above. I very much enjoyed it and look forward to sharing it with my class.

288 pages / Reviewed by Linda Canning

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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