The Case of the Abandoned Boat

The Case of the Abandoned Boat

By Author / Illustrator

Kereen Getten, Leah Jacobs-Gordon


Mystery & Detective

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Pushkin Children's Books




Paperback / softback




Fayson and her friends are back together and ready for their toughest case yet - someone is sending anonymous emails accusing the detective agency of being a nuisance to the island! But when they discover an abandoned boat with two wet lifejackets on board, they know they have a new mystery to solve. As strange things start happening on the island, with books and video games vanishing and a suspicious figure lurking around at night, Di Island Crew must use all their smarts to uncover the truth. Can they crack the case and save the detective agency, or will they be forced to close down for good?



In The Case of the Abandoned Boat, join young detective Fayson, on her third visit to the lush and luxurious Caribbean island to re-connect with her richer cousins and friends, reunite the Di Island Crew detective agency they formed, and, hopefully, have fun tackling another intriguing island mystery.

Third time around though, Fayson finds her still-new friendships are feeling more fragile than ever, especially as her hard-working, loving but low-paid Mama is also accompanying her this time round. Feeling the tensions, Fayson feels wrong-footed by the fear of losing leadership of the Island Crew to richer, more confident Tia and is racked with guilt about her embarrassment at her Mama's very different dress style and manners from the more financially comfortable members of the family and community.

Meanwhile, there is the mystery of an anonymous email accusing the young detectives of being an island nuisance and the new, puzzling discovery of an abandoned boat and an unknown name, 'Sam' in one of the lifejackets. Is there a stranger on the island and does this stranger have a grudge against Di Island Crew themselves?

The Di Island Crew's mystery adventures form a thoroughly modern mystery series - a colourful , contemporary setting and a delightfully diverse cast of characters. The mysteries themselves are perfectly pitched in their level of peril for a younger fan of this detecting genre; they are cases of curiosity rather than those with sinister suspects.

Author Getten leaves enough clues, scenarios and character's back stories to lead her readers down the right path. It is the characters themselves that make this series. Navigating their differing social and economic backgrounds, family fall-outs and figuring out the power struggles that a friendship group entails creates the real heart and connection with the story. The cast is relatable, likeable and easy to empathise and become engaged with. Fayson, as the central character, is very well written as a young girl, with fluctuating levels of self confidence in herself and also experiencing a wealth of emotions from jealousy, anger, shame as well as displaying her natural kindness and moral conscience.

The Case of the Abandoned Boat is lively, fast paced, entertaining and has definitely created a new, fresh, bold gang of kids to follow on many more adventures, I hope.

192 pages / Reviewed by Jennifer Caddick, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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