The Mercury In Me

The Mercury In Me

By Author / Illustrator

Rachael Fernandes


Romance & Relationships

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UCLan Publishing




Paperback / softback




Maya Pritik is 17, an aspiring doctor and wants to get through Sixth Form in one piece. This is not made easy by school bully Candice Riley, who has a target on Maya's back and is the owner of the not-so-anonymous Hot-Or-Not Instagram account. Luckily Maya has her best friend, Lucie Perry, and older brother, Tamir, to keep her together. Maya's passion is music, so when she hears musical theatre heartthrob Harry Wu singing an original song, she has to go investigate.

Perfect for fans of Sex Education, When Dimple Met Rishi and Never Have I Ever, The Mercury In Me is an ode to romcoms, musicals, and being British Indian. Featuring an ensemble cast including one ride-or-die best friend, a smattering of theatre kids, and a brother in turmoil, this is a YA debut not to be missed.



The Mercury In Me follows a British Indian girl as she starts to rebel from her parents and experience many new things with music, friends and relationships. The novel is funny and witty and easy to read. The characters are all very likeable and it was so easy to relate to a teenage secondary school experience. I loved the humour and romance as it made the book super exciting to read. I would recommend to anyone who likes a lighthearted romantic comedy.

328 pages / Reviewed by Lily Bond

Suggested Reading Age 14+


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