The More Monster

The More Monster

By Author / Illustrator

Hayley Wells



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HarperCollins Publishers




Paperback / softback




Once there was an island controlled by a greedy monster. This monster always wanted more. More of the best, newest and shiniest objects, putting the islanders to work to satisfy its demands. But the more the monster has, the more it wants.  Until one day, a small islander asks why and sets out to see if she can change things.  What secrets will the little islander discover?  Will the monster learn to share, and appreciate a simpler life?

Hayley Wells' debut picture book is a modern fairy tale with a strong message about sharing. Do we all need to keep producing and consuming more and more in order to be happy... or should we all be a little less greedy?




In a world where consumerism is king and the idea of waiting for anything is fading rapidly, The More Monster shows, even the youngest children, that greed can get out of hand. My class enjoyed the illustrations, with such tiny details as dials and funny labels.

The story revolves around the More Monster, who needs constant feeding of items to keep him happy. With a production line of islanders making things to feed the monster, it takes one small creature to ask questions about why they are all working so hard. After a little investigating, the small islander helps the others to rehabilitate the monster, making everyone's life better.

There are themes of greed, recycling, consumerism, using limited resources and teamwork throughout this book, so it would be really useful as a PSHE curriculum book. With World Book Day just around the corner, this book could be used as a whole school text as it can be read on many levels with more depth for the older children in primary school.

Picture book / Reviewed by Sharon Porter, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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