The Parent Problem

The Parent Problem

By Author / Illustrator

Anna Wilson


Friends and family

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Pan Macmillan




Paperback / softback




Skye Green's mum is driving her insane! When she's not posting EMBARRASSING pictures of Skye online or experimenting with BIZARRE clothing, she's forever taking up new hobbies - and her latest obsession is ballroom dancing! It's only a matter of time until she waltzes down the street in spandex and sequins - and to make matters worse, Skye's younger brother is wildly (and irritatingly) enthusiastic about Mum's new hobby, and about wearing Mum's sparkly new outfits!

As if this wasn't HORRIFIC enough, Skye's mum has also enlisted the new neighbour's son to come and 'babysit' when she's at dance class, and he's only a year older than Skye! Talk about MORTIFYING in the EXTREME! At least Skye's best friend, Aubrey is there to help Skye cope with her family's madness. They've been friends since before they can remember, and nothing will ever, EVER change that . . . right?


Maddie - Age 10

12 year old Skye Green is determined to have a book of her very own published so she writes about her mortifying life as an almost 13 year old girl - she is always being embarrassed by her flamboyant, quirky mum. I found that this book was one of my top 12 favourite books because I just kept wanting to go back and read a little bit more. I recommend this book for 9+ readers who like a bit of cringe-tastic!

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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