The Snow Girl

The Snow Girl

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Sophie Anderson, Melissa Castrillon (Illustrator)


Magical Realism

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Usborne Publishing Ltd








From award-winning and critically acclaimed Sophie Anderson, comes a fairy-tale story of friendship, belonging and bravery, in an adventure through a winter wonderland. The perfect read for the whole family this Christmas.

'I wish the snow girl would come to life. Then I would have a friend, a real friend I could trust, and I wouldn't feel so alone.'   When Tasha builds a snow girl with her grandpa, all she wants is for her to be real. If only wishes on snow could come true... Then Tasha meets Alyana, a friend made of wishes, starlight, snowfall and magic. But when your best friend is made of winter, what do you do when spring comes?

"The Snow Girl is spectacular. A truly special book of snow and winter magic with the warmest and most cheering beating heart. I can't stop thinking about it." Sibeal Pounder.  "Mesmerizing." Hilary McKay



As her grandfather's health is failing, Tasha and her parents have moved in with him to help on the farm. Tasha loves the farm, but things have changed as grandfather is too weak for the long walks they used to take - and since the events of the previous year, she feels an aching emptiness, too scared to leave the farm or to make friends of her own age.

When the first snow falls, Tasha is delighted Grandpa feels well enough to build in the snow with her - a beautiful snow girl - and Tasha wishes that the girl would come to life, just like an old couple in the tale Grandpa told her. To her amazement, the snow girl, Alyana, does come to life and together with a friendly fox, they have a wonderful time, exploring the woods. But, as time passes, winter shows no sign of ending, badly affecting the wildlife and community. Is Alyana causing the endless snow - and can Tasha bear to let her go?

Sophie Anderson is well known for writing atmospheric stories, full of vivid descriptions and The Snow Girl is no exception. Ethereal and enchanting, she captures the beauty and charm of wintry weather with its potential dangers as the girls explore, driving their sleigh through the night. Inspired by the traditional Russian fairy tale, The Snow Maiden, The Snow Girl captures the spirit and appeal of traditional tales, that sense of magic and mystery, the possibility of the impossible. It has a timeless feel with love of family, friendship, courage and hope at its heart.

Tasha's friendship with Alyana helps her to overcome past experiences and forge new friendships and loyalty and determination to put things right help her to make a difficult choice when needed. Tasha's relationship with her grandfather is also beautifully, tenderly, portrayed. He understands her so well and although she is saddened by the changes in him, she knows his feelings for her are as constant and strong as ever, creating a strong bond between them.

Full of stunning illustrations, The Snow Girl would make a perfect Christmas gift - but a gift for life as this is a story to return to again and again.

282 pages / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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