The Storm Keepers' Battle: Storm Keeper Trilogy 3

The Storm Keepers' Battle: Storm Keeper Trilogy 3

By Author / Illustrator

Catherine Doyle


Magical Realism

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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC




Paperback / softback




Fionn Boyle, Storm Keeper of Arranmore, is facing the fight of his life. The terrifying all- powerful sorceress Morrigan has been raised from the dead and has sealed off the island from all help.
Fionn is the only thing that stands between her and a dark future. He's got to find a way to defeat her. But there are some terrible choices in store for Fionn as the dark sorcerer begins to take his nearest and dearest for her own. With only two candles left to burn, will Fionn master his powers in time to stop her?

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The Storm Keeper's Battle is the last book in the wonderful Storm Keepers Trilogy and it doesn't disappoint. The author, through her wonderful writing, transports the younger reader into this magical, windswept fantasy.

Fionn has one last battle with the evil Morrigan. He's still not convinced that he is the right person to take on this task as his powers as Storm Keeper still have not fully materialised. What will it take for them to show their full force? Will he be strong enough to take the island and its inhabitants into this final battle?

As Fionn stands with his friends, sister and willing islanders on the headland of the Arranmore island he will have to make some tough decisions. Will he save one to sacrifice all, or the other way around? You will have to delve into this fast paced adventure to find out.

The story continues to be about family, community, love and relationships along with the battle of good and evil. As Fionn has one last candle 'blood moon' that his beloved grandfather made, we, as the reader, once again get to delve into the magic and mystery that these candles hold... so imaginative!

The Storm Keeper's Battle has 336 pages of a wonderfully crafted adventure that is suitable for 8+ readers and older, less well read readers. The story would also be great for intervention groups and book clubs. This is not a stand alone story, you will need to have read the first two books in this trilogy as the author dips into past events. However, reading the whole trilogy will not be a burden as they are all such strong reads, which are un-put-downable.

The energy and magic of Arranmore's past Storm Keepers collide in this wonderful ending to Fionn's adventure, making this title, along with the rest of the series, an easy recommendation. Give it a go, you will not be disappointed.

336 pages / Reviewed by Linda Brown, librarian

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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