The Tree Next Door

The Tree Next Door

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Charlie Moyler, Martin Stanev


Friends and family

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A heart-warming tribute to community, nature and intergenerational friendship.

When a little girl moves into her new home, the first thing she notices is the magnificent tree next door.  Helping her neighbour tend to her garden through the seasons, the girl learns what an important place both the tree and her neighbour hold in the hearts of their community.



This beautiful hard-back book captured our hearts as me and my daughter read it together, snuggled up on the sofa on a typical October day. The Tree Next Door shows how a wonderful tree brings a community together. We see the changes in seasons across the year and the joy this tree brings to the neighbours.

The story highlights a blossoming relationship between a young girl who has recently moved into the area and a older lady who initially tended the garden the tree grows in. When she becomes to frail to do so, the community take over, looking after the tree and its garden.

We adored studying the wonderful illustrations which are gloriously detailed and represent a wide range of people. After reading The Tree Next Door, my daughter was super keen to go out into the woods and be around trees. It really inspired us to get out in nature. We would highly recommend this heart-warming book.

Picture book / Reviewed by Jemma Jeffrey, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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