The Whisperling

The Whisperling

By Author / Illustrator

Hayley Hoskins



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Penguin Random House Children's UK




Paperback / softback




A ghostly adventure in a dark and dangerous Victorian world, perfect for fans of Emma Carroll, Robin Stevens, and Jenni Spangler.
When you're dead, you're dead. When you're gone, you're gone.
Unless, of course, you're not.
And that's where I come in.
The year is 1897, and Peggy Devona can speak with ghosts.
She hides her gift from those afraid of a girl with such powers, terrified of the secrets the dead could reveal through her. But when her best friend is accused of murdering her rich mistress, Peggy knows only she - a whisperling - can save her.  Peggy escapes to her uncle's psychic emporium in the city, seeking out new ghosts to help her solve Sally's case.  Yet time is running out, and each step towards uncovering the truth also brings Sally one step closer to the gallows. . .

'One of the best debuts I've read in YEARS!' - Emma Carroll.  'A thrilling Gothic page-turner' - Jacqueline Wilson



A story perfect for mystery fans set in Victorian Britain with a ghostly twist. The Whisperling is the story of Peggy who hides a secret from those around her - she can speak to the dead! Peggy is fearful of how others would react if they should find out the truth about her hidden ability but realises it can be used for good to save her best friend when trouble arises. It is a story of true identify, friendship and courage.

The Whisperling is great for readers who enjoy a strong female lead and magical, mystery, fantasy seekers. I can think of many children in my school who would be captivated by Peggy's adventure to save her friend and will certainly recommend it readers during our Victorian topic later this year. Peggy is a relatable character for many young girls, and a great role model as she is fiercely loyal and brave. She is faced with some real challenges but she consistently stands firm in her beliefs. Peggy truly values friendship and that comes through as a real strength of her character which is a great message for children.

352 pages / Ages 10+ / Reviewed by Lisa, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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