The Wolf's Secret

The Wolf's Secret

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Nicolas Digard, Myriam Dahman, Julia Sarda Portabella


Friends and family

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Wolf is a hunter, feared by every creature. But he has a secret: in the middle of the forest lives a girl whose beautiful voice has entranced him . . .  The Wolf longs for friendship. But is he prepared to sacrifice his own true nature in order for his wish to come true? 

A beautiful and lyrical contemporary fairy tale about difference, trust and the power of friendship to overcome any obstacle.

This sumptuous hardback gift book, with gold foil detail, is perfect for lovers of fairy tales and fables, new and old. It is gloriously illustrated by acclaimed artist and Greenaway Medal nominee Julia Sarda.



The Wolf is the most feared creature in the forest, but he has a secret. Every day he watches and listens whilst a girl fetches water, singing as she carries out her chores. The music fills the Wolf's heart with love until suddenly, one day, the singing stops. Each in their own way, the girl and the Wolf are filled with grief until they form an unlikely friendship that ends their loneliness.

The Wolf's Secret is a beautifully written fairy tale brought to life with the stunning illustrations by Julia Sarda. The soft and lyrical style of writing is reminiscent of long ago tales and folklore, however, this time the big bad wolf turns out to be something completely different, touched by kindness and love, grief and longing. The message to the reader is clear, that friendship can lift even the darkest of times and the simplest of actions can bring joy to someone often unknowingly. It is especially apt in the current world in which we find ourselves and where many families are experiencing loss and separation.

Julia Sarda's illustrations throughout are entrancing. The forest creatures and plants fill the pages with muted colours and pattern that I'm sure will bring something different to the viewer at each reading. From the gold foil additions on the cover to the small red horses on a fireplace, there is so much to devour. Colour is used subtly but with powerful results reflecting the blackness of grief or the warmth of a home. This is a beautiful pairing of illustration and text that marry perfectly to create a truly mesmerising book.

48 pages / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Lorraine Ansell, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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