The Woodland Trust: Into The Forest

The Woodland Trust: Into The Forest

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Christiane Dorion, Jane McGuinness



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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC







In my experience, children love books which are beautifully illustrated and contain facts about animals. As this book contains both, I can't wait to introduce it to my class next week. Even the most reluctant reader will be drawn in by the inviting layout, the fascinating facts and engaging text. It starts close to home then covers the whole world, featuring different forest animals and habitats. I think children will also enjoy the interactive features such as different tree species for them to find, and animals in the book which they are asked to spot. As a teacher, I would use this as a fantastic example of an information text with features such as glossary, subheadings and contents. However, it also contains other genres such as instructions which could be used as a model text. I would love to analyse the language used in the book with my class - there are descriptions using alliteration and similes, examples of different sentence openers, powerful verbs just to name a few. There are lots of cross-curricular opportunities too, as there is so much science content about the habitats and geographical information about where they are. And as I said initially, the illustrations are gorgeous and would inspire children to produce art work with great use of colour and attention to detail. What an amazing book, I loved it. 64 pages / Ages 7-12 years / Reviewed by Joanne Mason, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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