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Sophie McKenzie, Melania Badosa


Suspense & Thrillers

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HarperCollins Publishers




Paperback / softback




A dramatic coach crash forces Hailey to re-examine her relationships with her fellow singing-club members in this gripping drama from queen of teen thrillers Sophie McKenzie.

A singing-club trip ends in disaster when the coach carrying the members spins out of control. Hailey is trapped at the back of the coach with her nemesis Bex, who's taken the lead role in their latest performance, and handsome Kit, on whom Hailey has a massive crush.

As the coach hangs over the edge of a precipice and Kit escapes to find help, Hailey and Bex have to get over their initial judgements about each other and work together if they are to stand a chance of survival.

Will they find a way to safety?



The new dyslexia-friendly Barrington Stoke publication from author, Sophie McKenzie is descibed by them in three words as being filled with 'peril', 'judgement', and 'understanding'. Trapped is an exciting contemporary novel about a group of young people in a singing club.

The story focuses on three characters, Hailey, Bex and Kit, and the dynamics that result when a new person joins an established friendship. Add the extra elements of unrequited teen love and the double edged sword of being gifted and talented, and the tension in the group rises. With the characterisation set, the drama begins to unfold. A storm sets in and the return home becomes treacherous. Things go from bad to worse and the three youngsters face a dangerous decision.

The pace of this book is fast, keeping you turning the pages, eager to discover what ultimately happens to the members of the singing club. The author ensures the narrative builds up to a crescsendo in a way which encourages struggling and reluctant readers to continue reading through natural curiosity, and the text is laid out in short paragraphs, offering quick wins and an easy sense of success.The atmospheric illustrations by Melania Badosa complement the developing drama and contrast with the buff paper of the book.

Trapped is a great read and I highly recommend it as a super 'super-readable' addition to your school library or as a gift to a pre-teen. I would add my three word recommendation for this book as being 'differences', 'jeopardy', and 'rapprochment'!

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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