Welcome to Wild Town

Welcome to Wild Town

By Author / Illustrator

AF Harrold, Dom Conlon, Korky Paul



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Otter-Barry Books Ltd




Paperback / softback




Wild Town is a place...
"where nothing's locked inside a cage
where danger leaps from off the page
where wild is a fact of life
and words are sharpened like a knife"

Do you dare to come to Wild Town?  You'll find zebras dancing in Herbivoreville, or if you feel like a change, book into the Chrysalis Hotel in Fluttertown - no room service. Watch out for the tigers of Bengal Street in the Carnivore Quarter and maybe avoid the fish tank in number 3, Danger Close - it's stocked with piranhas and electric eels. In Wolf Park you may come across a silent, stalking wolf and at the Wild Town Rec, polar bears are pushing on the slide and orcas are in the paddling pool. While at the quiet end of town dormice are sleeping and grumpy Bertha the Bear is slumbering.   One thing is certain - you will never be the same after a visit to Wild Town, and when you leave, the wild will go with you....

An exciting poetry adventure, a journey of wild encounters in streets, houses and parks - this is an astonishing and brilliant poetry collection by two of the UK's most admired poets. Illustrated with verve and wit by the internationally bestselling illustrator Korky Paul.

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