The Orphans of St Halibut's

The Orphans of St Halibut's
Sophie Wills, illus David Tazzyman

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN: 9781529013375
Published: 29/09/2020
Price: £7.99


Unfortunate accidents, fishy villains and a very grumpy goat. Can these crafty kids outsmart the adults and save their home?

Life has been perfect ever since the orphans of St Halibut's buried their matron - don't look like that, it was an accident! Tig, Stef, Herc, and Pamela the goat just have to make sure nobody finds out they're on their own. Discovering that an Inspector is on his way, they'll need to convince him that everything is peachy or they'll be sent to the Mending House - where badly behaved orphans go, never to return. But the Inspector is not quite what he seems and things very quickly go from bad to spectacularly out of hand . . .

Stolen cakes, major explosions and an unforgettable cast of characters - dive into this hilarious caper from debut author Sophie Wills and million-copy bestselling illustrator, David Tazzyman. 'A fabulously funny tale of clever orphans, rambling houses, angry goats and grizzly ends' Kirsty Applebaum, author of The Middler 'The most effortlessly hilarious book I've read in a long time with an unforgettable cast' Nizrana Farook, author of The Girl Who Stole an Elephant

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