All about falling in love...

Posted on Sunday, January 22, 2023
Category: Video/Vlog

Author Anika Hussain tells ReadingZone what inspired her new book, This is How You Fall in Love, and reads a short extract from the book.

Zara loves love in all forms: 90s romcoms and romance novels and grand sweeping gestures. And she's desperate to have her own great love story. Crucially, a real one. So when her best friend Adnan begs her to pretend to date him to cover up his new top-secret relationship, Zara is hesitant. This isn't the kind of thing she had in mind. But there's something in it for Zara too: making her parents, who love Adnan, happy might just stop them arguing for a while. She may not be getting her own love story, but she could save theirs.

So Zara agrees and the act begins: after all, how different can pretending to be in a relationship with your best friend be to just hanging around with them like usual? Turns out, a lot. With fake dating comes fake hand-holding and fake kissing and 
real feelings... And when a new boy turns up in Zara's life, things get more confusing than ever.  The course of true love never did run smooth, but Zara's love story is messier than most...

Read an extract from This is How You Fall in Love