An eerie tale

Posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Category: Authors Q&As

For older readers, The Ash House explores a house made of ash and smoke that has hidden secrets. It is an eerie, layered story about family, friendship and courage.

We asked author Angharad Walker to tell us more about The Ash House, and in this video she also reads from the book. 

"The Ash House is about a boy named Sol who is struggling with a mysterious illness. No one knows what's wrong with him or how to help him. So he's sent to the Ash House. But when he gets there, he finds a house made of smoke and ash, where glowing-eyed hounds guard the grounds and drones hover in the air… and there's a group of children who haven't seen an adult in years. Sol uncovers the house's sinister secrets and finds real friendship and courage there."