Breathing underwater

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2024
Category: Authors Q&As

On Silver Tides is an extraordinary fantasy adventure, set in the real world of the UK's rivers and streams. 

Author Sylvia Bishop introduces the secretive world of the 'silvermen' - people who live in air and water - and the threats they face in her novel.   Read a chapter, and find out more in our Q&A with Sylvia Bishop.

About On Silver Tides:   Kelda has always protected her little sister Isla from danger on the rivers, and from the suspicions of their community. For Isla cannot breathe underwater - and so her very existence is forbidden by silvermen's Lore. Now the rivers of England are growing sick: monstrous creatures are awakening and a fierce torrent of blame falls upon Kelda's family.

When betrayal comes, the sisters escape on a desperate journey upstream. Joining forces with a mysterious boy, Kelda discovers the darkest depths of her kind's secret history. But to save both her sister and the very life of Britain's waterways, Kelda will have to make a sacrifice - one that will change her life forever.