Catherine Cawthorne explores fairy tales with the Big Bad Wolf!

Posted on Friday, April 12, 2024
Category: Author Videos

Fact-check your favourite stories with the bad guy of fairy tales, the Big Bad Wolf!  Find out whether big ears are really 'all the better to hear you with'; discover if it's possible to dance in glass slippers; and learn just how much breath it would take to blow down a house made of straw....

Big Bad Wolf Investigates Fairy Tales by Catherine Cawthorne, brilliantly illustrated by Sara Ogilvie, will encourage young scientists to bring their own questions to stories, and help inspire children to explore the world around them. 

Review:  'A hilarious and clever book that would capture any young child's imagination with its humour, irony and witty questioning.'

In this short video, find out which fairy tale helped inspire Catherine Cawthorne to write Big Bad Wolf Investigates Fairy Tales, and her questions about the stories she loved as a child.