Celebrating families of all shapes and sizes

Posted on Friday, August 20, 2021
Category: Author Videos

Adam and Charlotte Guillain's new picture book, My Big Fantastic Family, explores some of the questions raised in blended families and is the latest in a range of picture books created by the duo.

The latest picture book by authors Charlotte and Adam Guillain, illustrated by Ali Pye, is an exploration of blended families and the positive changes - as well as the challenges - that these can bring. We asked Charlotte and Adam to tell us more about My Big Fantastic Family.

"My Big Fantastic Family is our favourite collaboration, not because it was easy and straightforward, but because so much thought, reflection and love from so many people went into it," they said.

"Our starting point was not to write a book about separation but a story that celebrated family in all its modern-day forms. We love the American sitcom Modern Family, which features a diverse range of characters from a wide range of backgrounds and sexual orientations.

"We knew we couldn't cover all of these, but to have our character Lily-May experience not only the separation of her parents but the introduction of new significant figures in her ever-widening family, was an emotional journey worth exploring. It's also one that we've seen a number of times in our own family and friendship groups."

Watch the video to find out more about My Big Fantastic Family and enjoy a short reading from the picture book.