Emma Carroll introduces The Week at World's End

Posted on Thursday, September 30, 2021
Category: Author Videos

Emma Caroll introduces her latest book, The Week at World's End, in this video.

Emma Carroll's powerful new historical fiction novel, The Week at World's End, revisits the week of the Cuban Crisis through the eyes of three children in the UK as they try to solve their own mysteries closer to home.  In this video, Emma Carroll talks about researching the Cuban Crisis, and exploring history as inspiration for new stories. She also reads from the book.

The Week at World's End:

Nothing ever happens in World's End Close. So when Stevie discovers a runaway girl in her coal shed, the first thing she does is fetch her best friend, Ray. Both are dying for a bit of adventure, and when the girl begs for help, they readily agree.

Yet they soon realise they've taken on more than they bargained for. The girl, Anna, reveals she's on the run from people who are trying to poison her. Meanwhile, on the news, the Americans and Russians are arguing over missiles in Cuba.

As the threat of war grows, Anna's behaviour becomes more mysterious. And when Stevie unearths a dark family secret, she wonders if Anna has come to World's End Close on purpose, with a special message just for her...