Inspiring inventors who are changing lives

Posted on Monday, September 11, 2023
Category: Video/Vlog

Discover 20 inventors from around the world who have helped solve a problem faced by their communities in Inspiring Inventors Who Are Changing Our Futures, published by Walker Books!  Author Hiba Noor Khan tells us more in this short video, sharing some of the pages with us. 

Each invention explored by Hiba Noor Khan provides an often simple answer to a problem people face, helping improve people's lives - without damaging the environment. 

Learn about jars that keep food cold in the desert; a torch that is powered by your own body heat; and cheap biodegradable plastic that dissolves in the sea, reducing plastic pollution, among other inventions.

Find out about the inventions that have helped lead the way to today's inventions, and get inspired to think about your own inventions that will help solve everyday problems in today's world; inventions that could help bring significant, positive change to people's lives, and to our planet.

After all, some of the inventors we meet the pages of her book were children themselves when they started to think about how they could solve their problems....

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