Introducing... Kevin the Vampire!

Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2023
Category: Video/Vlog

Look out for vampires, a monster carnival, killer bunnies, and a dog who isn't a dog in Kevin the Vampire: A Most Mysterious Monster.

Prepare to laugh your socks off with Matt Brown, author of Kevin the Vampire. In his first adventure, A Most Mysterious Monster, Kevin and his family of vampires get lost and end up in a small town with a dark secret.... and they hate monsters!  Author Matt Brown introduces us to Kevin and his friends and tells us what to expect in A Most Mysterious Monster!

Matt says:   "Coming up with the monsters for the carnival was such a lot of fun. I love Dog so much because no one knows what Dog is (he's not a Dog). He's so loyal to Kevin and is always eating things and then burping them back up. I absolutely love Flavia's illustration of him. 

"The Killer Bunnies are my faves too because when I was writing the book I said to my son "what would be an amazing monster?", and he said "KILLER BUNNIES". I loved the idea that something could seem very sweet and cute but also want to eat your soul."  Matt Brown

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