MA Bennett introduces TIGERS (STAGS series)

Posted on Saturday, January 1, 2022
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MA Bennett introduces TIGERS (STAGS series)

MA Bennett introduces the fourth and latest book in the STAGS series, TIGERS.

The bestselling STAGS series (STAGS, DOGS, FOXES and now TIGERS) - which is being developed for film - follows scholarship girl Greer to an exclusive boarding school where she discovers the Medievals, the dangerous and seductive clique who really run STAGS.

Against a backdrop of weekend retreats, bloodsports and Renaissance theatre, the STAGS books ooze atmosphere and menace. While DOGS draws on the discovery of a forbidden Elizabethan play, FOXES has sinister echoes of a Jacobean plot woven into its modern-day setting. In TIGERS, we move to colonial India and the terrible tiger hunts of the past.

Our interviewee Azra asked MA Bennett more about the series, the upcoming film and her new book, TIGERS:

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