Peter Brown introduces Fred Gets Dressed

Posted on Monday, May 3, 2021
Category: Author Videos

Author and illustrator Peter Brown describes how a childhood incident inspired his latest picture book, Fred Gets Dressed.

In Fred Gets Dressed, a small boy is delighted to be naked - but when he discovers his parents' wardrobe, getting dressed becomes much more enticing!  In this video, Peter Brown tells us more about his latest picture book and how a childhood incident helped to inspire the idea for Fred Gets Dressed - a wonderful story to share with any small child with a love of dressing up!


Fred might never get dressed - he loves being naked, wild and free - until he passes his parents' wardrobe and finds some inspiration.  Fred Gets Dressed is a charming book about dressing up and expressing yourself; Fred is a young boy who enjoys not wearing clothes - the images are entertaining and are sure to make young children giggle!   He tries on Dad's clothes but finds them difficult to wear, finding mum's clothes much more comfy. His parents then find him and help him try on other things - the whole family joins in.  This would be a good book to use to discuss clothes and choices we can make, particularly challenging the ideas of gender stereotypes.

Suggested Reading Age 3+

Reviewed by Lizi Backhouse, teacher.