Sky Hawk ten years on

Posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Category: Video/Vlog

Gill Lewis's Sky Hawk has been captivating readers ever since it was published by OUP ten years ago. Here author Gill Lewis tells us how things have changed for conservation since then. 

In this video, Gill talks about her novel Sky Hawk, why she chose to write about an osprey and what has changed in the last decade for the osprey following huge conservation efforts for the bird in Scotland, Wales and England.  Gill also reads from Sky Hawk, from the treehouse where she writes.

About Sky Hawk

Callum and his friends find Iona poaching on Callum's farm. She is not supposed to be there, but Callum feels bad about chasing her away. He finds her shivering in the woods, refusing to leave. There is a secret hidden in the forest above the dark waters of the loch, and Iona is its guardian. When she decides to trust Callum with it, they form an indestructible bond that will change Callum's world forever...