Where is 'home'?

Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Category: Author Videos

Author Mark Ballabon tells us about the event that helped inspire his YA novel Home, and reads from a short section of the book.

Author Mark Ballabon introduces his inspiring YA novel, Home, and tells us about the event that helped inspire the story. He also reads a short section from the book which includes themes of climate change, romance - and what we mean by 'home'.

Read an extract from Home by Mark Ballabon

14-year-old Leah loves wilderness survival books. In fact, sometimes she wishes she could escape into the wild. Then she could get away from the body image obsession at school and the bullies who pick on her little brother, Aiden.

But alone in the woods one night, Leah's life is transformed. She has the strangest sensation of gliding across the night sky, among millions of dazzling stars. This profound experience sparks a burning question in Leah that no one seems able to answer.

Desperate to broaden her horizons, Leah challenges herself to attend an international summer camp. Will the people she meets there, from her first love Sean, to formidable climate activist Kayleigh, help Leah find the answer to her question: what is 'Home'?