100 Endangered Species

100 Endangered Species

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Rachel Hudson, Brett Westwood


Non Fiction

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This is a little book with a big ambition, to highlight 100 endangered species from around the world and the work being done to bring them back from the brink of extinction. From Andean bears to sungazer lizards, it explores the incredible species that we're in danger of losing forever, and highlights the conservation efforts having a direct, positive impact on the ground. Packed with exquisite illustrations, fascinating facts and essential maps and charts, it will appeal to children and adults alike as both a beautiful gift and a shout-out to future generations to get involved with protecting our precious wildlife. The book features 100 colour illustrations of endangered animals. AGES: 8 to 12



An absolutely captivating book; beautifully illustrated and full of fascinating facts. 100 Endangered Species is written with the purpose of highlighting the concern about the top 100 endangered animals. It tells the reader of their uniqueness, beauty and their role in the natural world and of how the developing world is risking their future.

There is a highly varied range of familiar and possibly unfamiliar creatures collated together. Each animal has a whole page of detailed information about its habitat and needs and also about its plight and what danger it is now facing. Clear, succinct and scientific vocabulary and the detailed yet simply laid out illustrations focus the reader’s attention on how distinctive each animal is and how each one enriches our world. It is packed full of engaging, relevant, information with an impact on the reader as they read.

The Pygmy Raccoon only lives on the Mexican Island of Cozumel so cannot escape the rising sea levels. The Javan Slow Loris is one of the world’s most endangered primates and is now on the 'critical' list of endangered species. It is also the only venomous primate there is.

There is so much to learn and be genuinely absorbed by. Although the author is widening our knowledge of a desperately worrying situation, the book feels empowering and hopeful. Each entry lists the risk level on the Red List but includes information on what conservation is already underway alongside a list of organisations and projects that the reader could become involved in themselves. 100 Endangered Species is fantastic non- fiction with a real sense of purpose.

224 pages / Reviewed by Jennifer Caddick, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


100 Endangered Species has the cute appeal of a gift book but an admirably serious purpose. Focusing on a hundred species that appear on the IUCN Red List, it aims to highlight their uniqueness, their plight and the efforts that are being made to conserve them.

The graphic illustrations capture the spirit of the animals in a personal way and are accompanied by some fascinating facts that make it fun to browse through. Did you know that Philippine crocodiles swallow stones to regulate their buoyancy?

I particularly liked two aspects of this book. First of all, there is its range in terms of geography and type of creature. Old favourites, like the lion, do appear, but there are many lesser known species too. Insects, reptiles and amphibians are all well represented. The moscardon, aka the Patagonian bee or 'flying mouse', is new to me - and a new favourite. Secondly, I enjoyed the book's determination to be positive. Including a summary of current conservation actions to address the threats to the survival of these amazing animals emphasises that things that can still be done to help them. We all need hope, most especially children.

100 Endangered Species would support science or topic work on animals up to Year 6 (there is plenty of scientific vocabulary and a glossary to explain it). I would also encourage children to read it for pleasure. It's perfect to dip in and out of, especially for those who prefer non-fiction and for nature lovers.

224 pages / Reviewed by Louisa Farrow, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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