A Cure Ever After: the spellbinding sequel to Once Upon a Fever

A Cure Ever After: the spellbinding sequel to Once Upon a Fever

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Angharad Walker



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Chicken House Ltd




Paperback / softback




A stunning teen urban fantasy set five years after the events of the original and critically-acclaimed Once Upon A Fever.  It Can be read as a standalone story, as well as a companion novel. 

The city of Lundain is battling strange illnesses brought on by excessive emotion. The Guild of Medicine wants cures; the Guild of Finance sees only opportunity. In this malignant world, two boys struggle to succeed. Kitt, who is suffering from Midas-fingers and turns whatever he touches to gold with dangerous consequences, and Os, a young doctor who has an unusual ability - to read the feelings of others. Unless the boys can work together, a toxic disaster will end it all . . .

Two new characters navigate a disaster in this unique, enchanting alternate-London, in a world in which feelings cause supernatural illnesses.  Perfect for fans of Philip Pullman and Laini Taylor.    PRAISE FOR ONCE UPON A FEVER: 'A dark, enthralling fantasy with a vividly imagined setting' Guardian. 'This is a book to escape into' Irish Times. 'Richly imagined and deftly constructed' Waterstones. One of their Best Books for Teens, 2022.

Book 1:  Once Upon a Fever



A Cure Ever After is the sequel to Once Upon a Fever (shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize) and features some of the same characters, but also introduces some new ones.

The story starts a few years after the end of the first book and Kitt, the boy with Midas fingers, is training with the Guild of Finance. Meanwhile, Os is training as a methic and unknowingly possess a rare gift. In this world of excess emotions making people ill, the two guilds collide with terrible consequences.

Ani and Payton, the sisters from the first story, feature in important but lesser roles in this book and it was nice to meet them again. Whilst it could be read as a standalone title, it makes much more sense if read as a sequel.

Angharad Walker's books are always completely original and gothically dark. The fantasy in this one is an alternative London (Lundain) and a world where feeling anything too much can make you really ill.  The story is haunting and will remain with you after you have finished. Described as a YA book, it borders on being for older children due to some of the concepts, but I can see a mature older KS2 reader enjoying it. If you try p99, you certainly get a flavour of the book, and it would definitely tell you if this was the right book for you.

323 pages / Reviewed by Jacqueline Harris, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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