A First Book of Dinosaurs

A First Book of Dinosaurs

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Simon Mole, Matt Hunt



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Walker Books Ltd








Smile and stomp along with this celebration of all things DINOSAUR, with exuberant poems by a National Poetry Day ambassador and joyful artwork.  Welcome to a world where it's eat or be eaten - depending on how ferocious you are. From T-Rex to Triceratops, Stegosaurus to Velociraptor, meet the most awe-inspiring creatures ever to walk the Earth!

Author Simon Mole turns fascinating facts into over 30 poems and fragments, full of humour and heart; Matt Hunt's magnificent illustrations bring these prehistoric beasts thundering off the page.  Here are the dinosaurs in all their larger-than-life glory - and here is a book that children will want to read over and over again.

A Sunday Times, One to Watch Out For pick!   "With lively performative text in free verse and colourful, expressive graphic illustrations, this is a book for anyone who is keen to enjoy the facts and the drama of dinosaurs without pretending you could have one as a pet." The Sunday Times

"An essential collection for children, stimulating awe and wonder about these much-loved creatures and the time in which they lived. The rich and evocative language and carefully undertaken research contained in Simon's dynamic and engaging poems, paired with Matt Hunt's striking illustrations, makes this a collection that is destined to inspire and delight young readers." CLPE learning and programmes director, Charlotte Hacking



This well written and beautifully illustrated book will definitely be a child’s favourite and be read over and over! A First Book of Dinosaurs is divided into the chapters of 'Meet the Dinosaurs, Eat or be Eaten, Dinosaur Families and The End. OR is it?' Each dinosaur or theme has its own double page spread with lovely, unique illustrations and a fun poem.

With many varieties of poem styles; acrostic, rhyme, pattern and more, this is a great resource to use to expose children to poems and in teaching poetry writing, whilst also opening other avenues into story and non-fiction writing on a topic that all children love!

80 pages / Reviewed by Maria Faithorn, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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