Alison Hubble

Alison Hubble

By Author / Illustrator

Allan Ahlberg, Bruce Ingman



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Penguin Random House Children's UK




Paperback / softback




This is the story of Alison Hubble
Who went to bed single . . .
And woke up double!

A tale of MATHEMATICAL MAYHEM from magnificent illustrator Bruce Ingman and master storyteller Allan Ahlberg!

Alison Hubble is shocked when she wakes up to find a twin in the bed next to her. And she keeps doubling . . . and doubling . . . and doubling!

A fantastically funny and completely clever new picture book from the critically-acclaimed pair behind The Pencil and The Runaway Dinner.



'This is the story of ALISON HUBBLE who went to bed single and woke up double.' Alison Hubble goes to bed one night as a normal little girl. Imagine her surprise - and that of her parents - when she wakes the next morning to find she has doubled and there is another identical Alison Hubble in her room. Written in rhyme, the story follows Alison as she doubles and doubles. First there is one, then two and four.... Things become rather complicated when there are lots of you! I love picture books that have a mathematical theme and this one is an especially good example. The story is incredibly funny with jokes for readers of all ages. As Alison continues to double and double, things become increasingly crazy in the Hubble household as her parents try to cope with the growing number of Alisons. Such and unexpected happening is sure to spark a child's imagination. The mathematical mayhem introduces the concept of doubling to young children in a fun a lively way. This is the perfect way into counting, doubling and number patterns. With older children you could begin to investigate the number sequence in more depth and start asking - What if...? and - How long..? I can see teachers scrambling for this gem! With all of the hallmarks of an Ahlberg and Ingman collaboration - charming illustrations and a delightfully humourous plot, this is sure to be springing up on bookshelves and in classrooms everywhere. What would you do if you started to double? Picture Book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Torie Walton, teacher.

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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