Art Activity Book

Art Activity Book

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Jenny Jacoby, Vicky Barker



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b small publishing limited




Paperback / softback




Creative scientists will love the mix of non-fiction and activities in this educational book full of artistic ideas. Fun games and puzzles teach boys and girls how to communicate their ideas visually, create the tools they need and use techniques to improve their learning. Start a lifelong passion for discovering STEM subjects through art.



Stem Starters: Science and Stem Starters: Art - Designed to encourage boys and girls from all backgrounds take an interest in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), these two books from the series offer a range of activities to engage and inspire. The Science Activity Book introduces various science concepts from materials to energy to light and sound. Each section offers information and activities like mazes, word searches and drawing. The colourful, cartoon-filled pages are appealing and the answers to all the puzzles are included at the back of the book. The Art Activity Book explores a range of artistic skills and techniques, but also links these to how engineers, scientists and designers work, encouraging readers to see and value the links between these areas of learning as well as developing creative activity. For example, the science of colour is looked at alongside its artistic use and tessellation is considered as pattern and art. Again, answers are included at the back of the book. Combining learning and fun, these books are sure to pique interest in the STEM subjects and encourage children to develop this further. 32 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher.

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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