Art for the Heart: A Fill-in Journal for Wellness Through Art

Art for the Heart: A Fill-in Journal for Wellness Through Art

By Author / Illustrator

Xavier Leopold


Non Fiction

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Welbeck Publishing Group




Paperback / softback




With this art journal for kids aged 7+ from Xavier Leopold, AKA Xavi Art, young readers can use art to brighten their day, find calmness and confidence, and show how they really feel. Xavi uses his unique story to show readers how to use art for self-expression and wellbeing.

When city trader Xavi picked up a brush during lockdown in 2020, he found a whole new world of communication for feelings. Throughout this journal, he explains how anyone can put their thoughts and dreams on paper, no matter what training they have. Themed around key wellness topics like healthy living, positive thinking and expressing emotions, each chapter contains lots of inspiration for art from the heart. Plus, there's ample room for readers to make the journal their own by filling the pages with their art - and there's even a free online art club to join.



Art for the Heart is an amazing art journal written and drawn by Xavier Leopold. The theme of the journal is to build confidence and wellbeing in children. The journal is split into sections to allow you to focus on certain aspects or to complete the journal in order - you are in control alongside the artist!

Some of the sections include Thinking Positive, Get Active and Be Your Best. The journal is full of inspirational quotes by famous people and gives you lots of opportunities to think and be creative or just have the time to sit and colour.  Xavier Leopold, the author and artist, only picked up a brush two years ago! He shows the reader/artist how you can be expressive and become an artist even if you haven't done this before.

I love how the journal has been set out and allows you to be the artist and use it how you would like, giving you lots of different activities. I am definitely going to be using this with my class to help support mental health and wellbeing.

112 Pages / Reviewed by Lauren Maidman, Class Teacher 

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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