Outdoor Science: 30 Awesome STEM Experiments to Try at Home

Outdoor Science: 30 Awesome STEM Experiments to Try at Home

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Tia Williams, Laura Minter


Non Fiction

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Button Books




Paperback / softback




Outdoor Science is designed to encourage children to be curious about the science of the natural world and to boost their scientific knowledge through an array of exciting outdoor experiments and activities.

From plant growth, weather patterns and habitats, to stars and chemical reactions, children will take an active role in their learning by engaging with the many fun projects included in a fun and memorable way.

More than just an educational textbook, this book adopts a hands-on approach suited for all the family so that children can observe natural phenomena, conduct experiments and interact with the environment whilst also bonding with their loved ones. All the projects featured are suitable for beginners and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Children will be to get excited about all things science and burst any bouts of boredom by stepping outside and discovering what the natural world has to offer!

Activities and Experiments include: DIY Slushies, Water Clocks, Sand Volcano, Cardboard Box Oven, Wind Vane.

Extract from Outdoor Science, by Laura Minter and Tia Williams, Button Books



Having already read and reviewed two other fantastic non-fiction activity books by this duo of authors (Science School and Kitchen Science), I knew that this book would be a colourful outburst of lively, fun and engaging science activities for young readers.

Outdoor Science: 30 Awesome STEM Experiments to Try at Home includes a range of brilliant, hands-on, creative, curious and messy experiments for inquisitive minds to get to grips with outdoors . All are science based but this is active science, mixed with developing DT skills and artistic flair alongside.  Most of the experiments involve easily-sourced or inexpensively bought household equipment.

The style of the book is eye-catching; each experiment is explained over multiple large, glossy four pages and features some bold full size photographs for real life comparisons as well as clearly sequenced numbered steps, lists of resources needed and clearly visual drawn diagrams with the science behind the experiment concisely explained, so the purpose of the activity and the learning behind it is always part of the fun.

My firm favourites are the activities involving natural resources (the Mandela coasters, Fractal prints) which are so beautifully delicate and inspirational. Mud bob, sand volcanoes and DIY quicksand will definitely be the popular 'messy' outdoor science skills to try out.

This is a great book to use in the upcoming summer months for STEM educational but exciting learning and active play.

128 pages / Reviewed by Jenny Caddick, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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