Bad Apple

Bad Apple

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Huw Lewis Jones, Ben Sanders


Funny Stories

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Thames & Hudson Ltd




Paperback / softback




A laugh-out-loud picture book starring a truly terrible piece of fruit!   In this hilarious story about a really bad apple by award-winning author and polar explorer Huw Lewis Jones, a series of simple rhymes is transformed into a sequence of events that will have readers splitting their sides with laughter. As one silly scenario unfolds after the other, a common piece of fruit shows readers what he's really made of by making life miserable for Pear, Pea, Cat, Spud and Spoon, among others. In a very dark twist at the end, he receives his comeuppance...



Bad Apple will have children gasping with shock! How can someone be so unkind and horrible? Apple pinches from pea, steals from cat, pushes spud, breaks egg’s leg. He is just awful, and yet he continues to upset others around him as he stands on Rose and pulls her nose, makes pie cry and pokes him in the eye and even eats snake's cake. But, as with every problem, there's a resolution to this tale and Bad Apple is finally stopped...

As Bad Apple finally gets his comeuppance, a great debate on whether he deserved it will quickly arise with the reader. This is a fantastic story to use in assisting with the teaching of behaviours and consequences. The text within the story is very simple and the author has cleverly added rhyme to each sentence. Children will love using the pictures and rhyme to predict what is coming next. The illustrations, like the text, are simple and minimal, but work brilliantly alongside the text.

Overall this is a great text to read with young children with plenty of opportunities to develop PSHE skills.

32 Pages / Reviewed by Maria Faithorn, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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