Wanna See a Llama?

Wanna See a Llama?

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Simon Philip, Ian Smith


Funny Stories

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Oxford University Press




Paperback / softback




Do you wanna see a llama? Then come this way, as our self-described 'llama expert' takes her friend on a chase around the city. They discover wild and wacky animals around every corner - but are any of them really llamas?

Llamas are highly sociable animals, though, and where there's one, there's often more ... Readers will be shouting at the book with delight as more and more llamas gather in the background, until a whole parade of partying llamas is revealed. But will the children ever find what they're looking for?

Children will love guessing what each new animal is from the glimpse given in the artwork, before turning the page to find out and there are fun facts about all the animals at the end of the book.

A fantastically funny follow-up to Wanna See a Penguin? by the award-winning author of You Must Bring a Hat.



Wanna see a Llama? A so-called llarma expert leads her friend in an adventure around the city, trying to find a llama. The children keep looking and looking but, instead of llamas, find other things.

On every page there is so much to look at. As you read Wanna See a Llama? to young children, they will notice llamas on each page that the children in the story miss. This is a good way to introduce children to visual literacy, as well as the idea of describing objects and animals carefully.

While this is a well written and well illustrated text it did not capture the imagination of the children I read it to; they liked it but didn't love it. 

Picture book / Reviewed by Jen Bevan, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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