Bear vs Dragon

Bear vs Dragon

By Author / Illustrator

Marcela Ferreira, illus Mark Chambers


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When Bear meets Dragon on an old, rickety bridge, they don't see eye to eye. Bear thinks Dragon should stand aside and let him pass . . .. . . and Dragon thinks Bear should definitely let her go first.

Fur is ruffled and sparks fly in their heated conversation, but who is going to back down? Meanwhile the bridge is getting creakier and creakier . . .

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Bear vs Dragon is the tale of two rather unlikely animals and a bridge. Both animals want to cross the bridge, but they don't see eye-to-eye on who should let who pass. Some rather unkind words are shared, heated conversations are had, disagreements follow, and all the while the bridge is getting weaker and weaker… Only when faced in danger and a rather perilous encounter do the two animals make a very unlikely discovery… friendship!

I really enjoyed this story, not only because of its humour but also the serious message that it holds about friendships and how they can blossom at the most unlikely time. I think this will be a good story to use with children to talk about disagreements and unkind words, but also to talk about what to do next and how we sort out situations.

Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Lauren Maidman, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


A bear, a dragon and a rickety bridge; what could possibly go wrong? When the two characters meet on a bridge, they don't exactly see eye to eye. Very quickly their conversation gets somewhat heated and all the while, the rickety bridge gets even more rickety.

This is a super, quick-witted and fast-paced book. Both characters believe the other should move aside and soon begins the bickering, a play-off of ideas; who is better than who?, until the bridge breaks and they tumble down. In the climax of the book, a resolve is found; that they should have worked together in the first place!  Ultimately Bear vs Dragon teaches children humility and respect for others; and that compromise and a willingness to work together should be the ultimate goal.

In the classroom, Bear vs Dragon would be super to use in English as a means to explore persuasive text in Year 2 or 3. Scenarios such as the one found in Bear and Dragon could be given out to children to debate and argue; to try and convince the audience who is more justified in their argument. This book would also lend itself well to PSHE sessions celebrating differences and acceptance of others.

Picture book / Reviewed by Louise Gahan, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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