Who Ate Steve?

Who Ate Steve?

By Author / Illustrator

Susannah Lloyd, Kate Hindley


Funny Stories

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Paperback / softback




A hilariously quirky mini mystery reminiscent of Jon Klassen's classic I Want My Hat Back.

Welcome to this extremely interesting book about size. Marcel is a bird. He is big. Steve is a worm, and he is . . . Wait a minute! Steve has DISAPPEARED! Does Marcel know something about it? And can he be persuaded to return that poor worm RIGHT NOW?!

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Natalie J

Who Ate Steve? is a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek metafictive picturebook. An unknown narrator, who speaks directly to both reader and character, is a teacher trying to teach about size - what (or who) is big and small. But causing the teacher-narrator's increasing frustration is the bad behaviour of their helper, who repeatedly disrupts the explanation.

The narrator has decided that helpers are needed to display the concept of size. Marcel, the magpie-like bird is 'big', dapper in his top hat, handkerchief, and Rupert Bear-style scarf, whereas Steve is 'small', the down-to-earth worm in his neckerchief and cap. There is a suggestion of class and power being explored here as well as being a light-hearted introduction to the concept of prey and predators, since Marcel's natural instincts of eating Steve keep disrupting the lesson.

The narrator's growing exasperation is indicated by the changes in typeface and the teachery behaviour-management language - "I’m waiting, Marcel. We are ALL waiting". Hindley's comical illustrations enhance Lloyd's entertaining text brilliantly, both elements draw out the black humour to engaging effect, especially, the Tom and Jerry-style chase, and the thwarted attempts by Marcel, particularly when he crashes into a tree and lands in a bush looking sheepish. Their facial expressions give a real indication of character.

With a pleasing and amusing ending - a nice twist to the tale for dandy Marcel's comeuppance - this is a story that has many levels. "For Shame" if you don't enjoy this fun, silly, joyful read!

Picture book / Reviewed by Natalie McChrystal Plimmer, librarian

Suggested Reading Age 5+


Who Ate Steve? Is a well illustrated book which supports the learning of size, but not in the usual way that you'd expect!

This well written and humorous text takes the reader through the amusing adventure of Steve and Marcel. Marcel is not just big; he also likes to eat small worms... making the telling of the story challenging at times and even more so when Felicity the giant cat arrives!

For the classroom, this is a brilliantly engaging text not just in supporting the learning of size, but also to explore and encourage the use of expression and sequence of events. With humour, anticipation and prediction, this tale will have every reader hooked and involved.

Picture book / Reviewed by Maria Faithorn, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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