Bhorta Bhorta Baby

Bhorta Bhorta Baby

By Author / Illustrator

Jumana Rahman, Maryam Huq


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A toddler is enthralled by the process of making aloo bhorta, a quintessential Bengali dish made of spicy mash potato. There's plenty of chopping, stirring, mixing and mashing going on. Join in for the best ever mashy, squishy potato party.

Find out more in this Q&A with author and illustrator Jumana Rahman & Maryam Huq



Bhorta Bhorta Baby is a great book for exploring cuisines from different countries and introducing culture through food. Our nursery children enjoyed sharing the story listening to the basic steps of how to make the Bangladeshi/Bengali 'aloo bhorta' dish.  Bright colourful illustrations and lots of vocabulary to discuss and explore, especially the names of the different ingredients needed for the recipe.

We are very keen that every child in our setting has an opportunity to see 'themselves in a book' and one of our children talked about how they make this dish at home. Imagine the children's delight the following day when he brought in some that his mum had made with him for us all to try. A wonderful book to link home culture and school.

Board book / Reviewed by Samantha Hughes, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 0+

Family review

We enjoyed this book because it reminded us of preparing food and eating in Bangladesh and also of sharing food at home. We liked the little child because he was learning about food and how to cook. The pictures are happy and we loved repeating the words and actions. We read it over and over and then we cooked our own Bengali dish like Bhorta Bhorta Baby.

Board book / Family review

Suggested Reading Age 0+

Nursery group

The children in Nursery loved this book about cooking because the baby was helping to prepare and cook the food. The pictures in Bhorta Bhorta Baby are bright with lots of key words for the children to join in with and lots of actions too. The children enjoyed repeating the words and joining in as they pretended to cook. This is a perfect book for little children and little hands to enjoy.

Board Book / Reviewed by Holy Family School Nursery

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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