Boats!: And Other Things That Float

Boats!: And Other Things That Float

By Author / Illustrator

Bryony Davies, Maria Brzozowska


Non Fiction

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Welbeck Publishing Group




Paperback / softback




Take to the water with this fun, visual miscellany for children who love anything boat related! Each double-page spread features a different group of boats and other watercraft to explore, such as helpful lifeboats, record-breaking catamarans and boats that people live on.

Discover some of the more surprising things that float on water, including seaplanes and amphibious cars, as well as finding out how boats float. Filled with hundreds of different boats, ships, subs, and other watercraft from around the world, even the most avid young boat fanatic will discover new vessels they haven't seen before!



Perfect for introducing young readers to the world of boats, Boats! (and other things that float) is an engaging and informative book. Each spread focuses on a different type of watercraft, fully illustrated and with plenty of details to spot on every page.

The range of boats - and other things that float- covered is impressive. Starting with a look at the different types of sails which are used, the parts of a boat are explained, using a carefully labelled diagram. Key words are given in bold, but used in a sentence which explains the meaning to the reader, perfect for supporting comprehension. Information is presented in small sections, making it an accessible read, and appealing illustrations encourage the reader to look closely and notice details.

From fishing boats to dragon boats, from submarines to pedalos, there is something here to interest everyone. The book ends with ten fun floating facts and a spread encouraging the reader to look for things to spot throughout the book. Boats! (and other things that float) is a book to be enjoyed time and time again!

48 pages / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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